Motherhood Medicine is a tangible resource for women interested in an intentional, wise, + natural way of healing. 

No matter if you are working with Dr. Ehrler in a private health care appointment, using one of her medicinal products, or attending an event, you can expect a high-quality, authentic, and professional experience steeped in natural medicine, joy, discernment, and love.


The Shop

Our products are elegant, potent, + pure medicinals that serve as incredible tools for vitality, beauty, + wellness. Our herbal face + body oils work synergistically at the deepest levels to provide a healing experience for the mind, body, + spirit. Handmade in small batches with love in California. 100% Organic + Sustainably Wildcrafted.

Coming Autumn 2018...

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The Land + Spirit Project

Based in wise tradition and conscious living, The Land + Spirit Project is a members-only space that offers resources for cultivating a healthier relationship not only with yourself, but with the planetary body of which you are a part.

Join us each season as we dive deep into botanical medicine, seasonal nutrition + nourishment, high vibrational living, tending the Earth, activism, seasonal ceremonies, + much more--all empowering you to live a more conscious life in connection with nature.







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Let's connect

Although Dr. Ehrler is based in San Diego, CA, this does not limit the clients she serves. In-person, phone, and Skype appointments are available for patients both local and from a distance. To see if you are a good match, Dr. Ehrler offers a FREE 15 minute phone consultation for those who are interested.