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The easiest way to book an appointment is by using the scheduler below. If the appointment slot you have selected is available you will receive a confirmation within 24 hours.

Alternatively you can request an appointment by emailing us with your desired day and time, or by calling our office at 858.264.6214.

**Please note, if you are a new patient there is a required deposit in order to successfully book your initial appointment. Please check your email after requesting your appointment for instructions. There is no deposit for free consultations.**

What to Expect

Comprehensive Case Review

At your first appointment , we will review the components in your life that make up your current mental, emotional, and physical health, both the good and the bad! At this time we will determine if additional information is needed (such as lab work) and proceed accordingly. This is designed to fast track your healing and discover the root cause of health concerns. 

Synergistic Follow Ups

On an as-needed basis, follow ups are designed to fine tune your healing, address new issues that may arise, and accelerate your healing journey

A Unique, Personalized Treatment Plan

What works for some does not work for all! You will receive a targeted treatment plan that is 100% specific to your health goals and your bodies needs. As a client, you also receive a 10% discount on pharmaceutical grade supplements, remedies, and health tools via our dispensary. 

Online Patient Education 

Our care reaches far beyond the office. To keep clients informed during their health journey, we share abundant + practical health knowledge via our quarterly emails, webinars, and events. 


For those both local and from a distance, we understand that getting to the office can be challenging. This is why we offer phone and video appointments for all of our clients.