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— Marsha

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With The Land + Spirit Project, reclaiming health, connecting with nature, + passing this wisdom onto the next generation starts with you.

Our members-only platform offers digital + physical resources for women interested in an intentional, wise, + natural way of living. Enrollment for the Winter season is approaching quickly. Due to the intimate nature of this project, we highly recommend joining the waitlist below to secure a spot before we reach capacity!


Do You...


Want to create a legacy of personal and planetary radiance?

With The Land + Spirit Project, we have the opportunity to show ourselves and future generations that we were here, we cared about our health and the health of the planet, and most importantly, we were doing something about it. 


Desire wellness practices based on real traditions and wisdom?

Most wellness info is delivered via social media influencers, strategic marketing ploys, editorials, and google. We’re here to change that. All information shared on this platform has stood the test of time, generation after generation. No fads ever. 

Crave a steady resource for nourishment + inspiration?

Us too. As a member you receive simple yet profound practices to aid your deepest exploration of wellness. Taking into account your unique constitution, the information shared here will serve as your trusty roadmap and seasonal confidant. 


Then welcome home, you're in the right place!


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Cultivate personal + planetary radiance with our revolutionary community...

Based in wise tradition and conscious living, The Land + Spirit Project offers resources for cultivating a healthier relationship not only with yourself, but with the planetary body of which you are a part.

Through a vibrant permanent resource library, fresh quarterly content, community gatherings, + seasonal apothecary goods, we extend our awareness further than society wants it to go, seeing deeper into ourselves, and from nature’s point of view. With the Land + Spirit Project, reclaiming health, connecting with nature, and passing this wisdom on to the next generation starts with you.

Join us each season on our members-only platform as we dive deep into botanical medicine, seasonal nutrition + nourishment, high vibrational living, tending the Earth, activism, seasonal ceremonies, + much more--all empowering you to live a more conscious life in connection with nature.

What's Included as a Member?


What's Included as a Member?

unlimited access to the spirit house

Your personal digital resource library you can virtually access anywhere:

  • 8-part course on the Foundations of Health to unlock your vital force + optimize wellness

  • Fresh seasonal content focused on high vibrational living, wise traditions, nourishment, medicine making, ceremony, featured interviews + other important elements to carry you through the season

  • Workbooks, ebooks, DIYs, recipes, + various other goodies to deepen your experience

  • Monthly bonuses of live lessons, community challenges, exclusive workshops, and more

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Quarterly COMMUNITY Gatherings

Designed to bring your experience to life:

  • A celebration welcoming each season with friends, strong medicine, + a lot of fun

  • Connect with other radiant, vibrant women who are walking the same path

  • Bonus gatherings throughout the month

A Seasonal CAREPACKAGE, mailed directly to you

For those ready for the full sensory experience, Heritage members will receive:

  • A seasonal apothecary sampler featuring fresh and vibrant remedies designed to optimize your health during the season (think bulk herbs, elixirs, medicinal oils, + more)

  • Exclusive bonuses and tools formulated to support your unique transition through the changing seasons

  • Discount codes for seasonal products made by featured medicine makers



Maybe you are undoubtably ready to dive deep into living a more intentional, wise, and natural life. Maybe you just have a hunch that this is the right place for you. Maybe you really aren't sure. We get it! No matter how you're feeling at this point in time, we highly suggest attending one of our seasonal gatherings and signing up for our email list. 

How do I know if this project is right for me?


The Land + Spirit Project provides value using 3 different mediums designed to stimulate + integrate all of your senses. Digitally, you have access to our online digital resource library, tools, workbooks, videos, resources, private chats, and more. Physically, with a seasonal apothecary sampler mailed to your door (FREE for Heritage members) containing fresh medicinal remedies to carry  you through the season, a seasonal journal bursting with exclusive content, and a personal invitation to our seasonal gathering.  Lastly, in-person. We host quarterly in-person gatherings focused on welcoming the new season with other radiant women, good food, strong medicine, workshops, vendors, + a lot of fun. If you are not local to San Diego you can attend our event digitally!

What do I receive as a member?

Once enrollment opens in September 2018, instructions will be provided. In the meantime, join the waitlist and follow along on instagram to be in the know for special opportunities, scholarships, giveaway's and more. 

How can I become a member?

Giving back and supporting organizations that are in alignment with our mission is a non-negotiable. 10% of your Autumn membership fee will get donated to each of the following organizations:

1. The Indigenous Environmental Network: An alliance of Indigenous Peoples whose mission is to protect the sacredness of Earth from contamination + exploitation by respecting + adhering to Indigenous Knowledge + Natural Law.

2. ACLU: For almost 100 years, the ACLU has worked to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties for all people.

3. United Plant Savers: Protecting native medicinal plants of the United States + Canada + their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come.

Who does 10% of my membership fee benefit?

Can Dr. Ehrler answer my personal health + wellness questions?

Dr. Ehrler is only able to respond to your personal health + wellness questions through a private patient care appointment. You can easily book a free consult by clicking here.