I need a doctor!


Working with a medical professional that you trust can be one of the greatest things for your wellbeing. Below, work through the following questions to see if you are receiving the care you need and deserve. 

Are you addressing health concerns?

1. Do you have a chronic illness, an acute illness, or struggle with a health concern(s)? Working with a licensed medical professional(s) should be a top priority, and your health needs to be managed appropriately. Feel free to reach out for a free consultation with me by clicking here.

2. Do you have a family history of  illness or health concerns? Knowing your family history is a fantastic tool in understanding your health, and can help you take appropriate measures to ensure you are on the right track. Find a doctor that you can speak with and trust, and take time to develop a plan that you feel comfortable with (not too conservative, and not too lax either) when it comes to screenings. It is also important to note that our health is dictated by our genes only 30%, and the other 70% is environmental and lifestyle choices. In other words, the risk of developing conditions that run in your family are 70% under your control.

3. Are you currently on medication(s), including birth control? Are your medications working for you? Are they necessary? Are there alternatives? Are you educated on the side effects and systems that may need support? For example, certain drugs deplete vitamins and minerals. Medications can be lifesaving and necessary, but taking the time to understand what you are taking, why, and if there are alternatives is the most responsible thing to do. 

4. Are you taking supplements? If so, how many? Supplements offer fantastic support when we need it, but if you are taking more than 4-5 supplements per day, it's likely that you need to assess your body systems and see what needs foundational work. With the foundations of health in order, you may need only 2-3 supplements, or even zero. Good thing you are getting familiar with the Spirit House :)

5. Are you in alignment with your healthcare team? Do your providers support and respect your values and beliefs? Do you feel happy with your treatment plan and the way your healthcare is being managed? Do you feel that you can be 100% honest and transparent with your doctor? Finding a doctor that sees you and hears you is priceless. Assembling a healthcare team that you feel safe and supported by is also priceless. Do not settle until you find that doctor or team. 

6. Are you up to date with specialists? Working with specialists, such as your dentist or eye doctor is incredibly important, or any other specialists that need to be involved in your healthcare as well. Don't slack!



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