Land Steward: The Basics


Here are the basics: we are literally made of the Earth, you need to look up + down, and our personal season's mirror Mother Nature's. For details read on. 

we are the descendants of the earth

When you think about how we are literally composed of the same elements of the Earth, the same elements as the stars, you can't help but smile. Going deeper, this can really extenuate our connectedness to the Earth. The Earth holds our ancestors--both those that have passed in recent years, but also those who have come thousands, even millions of years before us. Understanding and honoring this connection can really bring you closer in touch with nature. Sit with that for a while, and see what revelations or remembrance it brings.  

awareness of the seasons

No matter if you live in a more moderate climate, or a place with four distinct seasons, as the wheel of the year turns we effortlessly flow through each season in nature. But as we move through and approach the coming seasons, it is so important to bring your awareness not only to the temperature, but what is going on in the world around you and within you.  Seasons have the ability to change our mood, influence our lives and alter our perspectives. It is important to understand what season signifies: 

1. Spring: A time of great transition, rebirth, awakening, vitality

2. Summer: A time of light, play, warmth, expression, full immersion of the senses. 

3. Fall: Another time of great transition, harvest, celebration, bounty, abundance. 

4. Winter: A time of deep rest and relaxation, death and letting go, tuning inward. 

Taking our relationship with seasons one step further, its important to note our own personal seasons and how they may or may not align with the season's of nature. Take a moment to reflect on the seasons of your life--month to month, yearly, etc. How can you match your life to be more in alignment with the season of nature?

how often do you look up?

As humans in society today, it is barely necessary to truly look up and look down. We easily glide through life really only needing to look straight ahead with the occasional glance downward or upward. But this was not the reality of our ancestors. We needed to look up to read the skies, follow birds, track the stars and the cosmos; we needed to look down to tend seeds, track animals, find wood...

In our present reality, take the time to look up and look down daily. These exercises are not only good for your brain, but for you relationship with nature. Look up and watch the birds, pay attention to the shape of the clouds, the alignment of the stars. Look down and watch the ants marching by so perfectly and strong, watch the blades of grass rustle in the wind. I promise you, your relationship with nature will open wide if you just take the time to observe. 


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