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 AUTUMN 2018

 Welcome to the Heritage membership portal. Please allow yourself ample time to explore the breadth of the offerings found in each category. We strongly suggest spending the first few weeks of of your membership reviewing and integrating the material in The Spirit House to prepare you to fully take in the content covered in the Autumn offerings. 

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Autumn 2018

Autumn: a time of revelations, changing light, journeying inward, and tending our roots...

This season we accept the invitation to dive deep into botanical medicine, nourishment, ceremony, and more as we explore the unique wisdom and bountiful harvest this season brings to the table.


Heritage Bonuses

Here you will find Heritage members only bonuses, live lessons, workshop discount codes, our community slack line, and much more.


The Spirit House

A staple for all four seasons, The Spirit House contains an 8-part course on the Foundations of Health--essential to unlocking your vital force + optimizing wellness. You will find a variety of worksheets, DIYs, recipes, important tools for navigating healthcare, and various other goodies to deepen your experience.

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Autumn care package

Explore the contents of your seasonal care package, guidelines, uses, and additional tips to make the most of your package. Packages ship out on October 1st!

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