Medicine Making for Cold + Flu Season

Medicine Making for Cold + Flu Season

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In this first edition eBook, you will learn how to create medicines for keeping your family healthy during cold and flu season! This includes:


  • An overview of how to strengthen your immune system and optimize your terrain so your susceptibility to getting sick is minimal
  • Recipes for two immune elixirs (one for during the day, one for night time)
  • Recipes for two traditional immune preparations using honey, vinegar, and herbs of your choice
  • Recipes for medicinal bath salts, with an intro to hydrotherapy and how using correct water temperatures can help boost the immune system
  • Profiles for all herbs mentioned in this book (indications, healing properties, energetics, contraindications, dosages, etc.)
  • Notes on when you should seek medical advice if your cold may be a larger issue at hand
  • Additional words of wisdom regarding purchasing and or harvesting your own herbs safely and responsibly


You will be fully prepared for maintaining optimal health during the winter months, and if a cold were to strike, you will have all the information you need to support your cold naturally! Making your own medicine is the most intimate way of taking your health and healing into your own hands!

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