Sacred Earth Offerings

Sacred Earth Offerings


These recyclable packets of Sacred Tobacco are an important tool for gardeners, herbalists, wildcrafters, nature lovers, spiritual seekers, and more.  

The extremely popularized White Sage is unfortunately endangered, and her gifts are becoming depleted. Tobacco is an extremely sustainable crop with incredibly potent powers, and is my plant of choice for energy work and ritual. I carry these little packets everywhere I go—I keep one in my purse, a few in my office, in my home, and in my car. 

Read on to learn suggestions for incorporating Tobacco into your daily life. These traditions belong to Indigenous cultures, so please be respectful:

  1. Hold a pinch of Tobacco between the first three fingers of your hand, say your prayer or intention, then open your fingers and let the Tobacco fall to the ground. Don’t toss it, let it fall. The nature spirits will then work on fulfilling that prayer.
  2. Tobacco is an excellent protector of energy, and has incredible abilities to cleanse space. Burn it, or sprinkle it to quickly neutralize energy. 
  3. If you take something from the Earth (a rock, herbs, feather, etc) leave Tobacco as an offering. It’s a token of respect, and an exchange. As permission first and pray for abundance and protection for whatever element/kingdom you are taking.
  4. Many different cultures teach us that the Earth is covered with Nature Spirits that unfortunately don’t get much attention anymore. Sprinkle Tobacco as you go, making little offerings here and there. The Spirits are eager to assist and acknowledge you in return. As you open these lines of communication your life will change in beautiful ways. 
  5. Offer a sprinkle of Tobacco to your own plants and garden, or sprinkle around the perimeter of your home. 


I grow this Tobacco in my 100% Organic medicinal garden, and curate it by hand. The benefits I have received from getting to know this stigmatized plant on a deep level has completely changed my life. I dreamed of sharing these Tobacco offerings with those near and far, and returning any profit to stewards of the Earth.


Therefore, all profits will get donated to these organizations:

  1. Indigenous Environmental Network 
  2. United Plant Savers 
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