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her offerings are an exceptional gift to humanity.
— Claire

private COnsultations


By taking a thorough case history, assessing for the underlying causes of disease or ailment, and removing the obstacles to cure, Dr. Ehrler is able to provide the most individualized, gentle, + highly effective therapies to her patients. Please click here to view a brief overview of the treatment modalities commonly used, or click below to book your appointment with Dr. Ehrler today.

Seasonal Living Membership


Based in wise tradition + conscious living, the Seasonal Living membership offers resources for cultivating a healthier relationship not only with yourself, but with the planetary body of which you are a part. Join us this season as we dive deep into seasonal wellness, botanical medicine, seasonal nutrition, seasonal ceremonies, + more--all empowering you to live a more conscious life in connection with nature.

Intuitive Wellness course

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Based on years of fantastic results in her private practice, Dr. Ehrler developed this 8-part course for cultivating optimal health of mind, body, and spirit. Covering nearly every aspect that makes up the foundations of health—including nutrition, movement, detoxification, emotional wellness, sleeping + dreaming, land stewardship, and more—this course gifts us with the key to radiant health and vitality. 

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I didn’t even know I could feel this good. wow.
— Satisfied patient


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