Moon Magic: Harvest Moon + Lunar Eclipse

When people ask me if I have a spiritual practice, my reply is always the same: "the moon."

Each and every evening beginning at dusk, I look up into the sky and am greeted by the magnificent moon staring straight back at me. A sense of calm, knowing, and energy fills me.

Tracking the phases of the moon, and studying the meaning behind each New + Full Moon is a passion of mine. Below are short descriptions of what each phase of the moon means:


Tonight's Harvest Moon+ Lunar Eclipse is powerful. The Harvest Moon is one of my favorite moon's of the year (second to the Wolf Moon) and with it brings joy and excitement for autumn and it's bounties to roll on in. 

This lunar eclipse in Pisces is supposed to bring about an emotional high tide. At this time we are very sensitive to being hurt, but the wounds themselves will lead the way to healing. There is something sacred about this painful process, and sometimes pain is the breakthrough. Advice for working through this moon's energy is acknowledging a collective process of clearing and alignment, keeping things in perspective, turning toward the pain as the start of a healing journey, and to cultivate patience with ourselves and with each other. 

Acknowledging and understanding the theme of this moon is important and I will incorporate it into my practice accordingly. With each New Moon I write down an intention that I would like to cultivate. At the Full Moon I check in with myself and see how that intention has manifested. I also do some work with specific essential oils, sage my home, and leave my crystals out in the backyard to charge in the moon light. On some Full Moon's I will write a list of fears or thoughts/behaviors that do not serve me and burn them, so that they will be released and will waste away as the Waning Moon comes along. 

Do you feel a deep connection with the moon? Have your own moon rituals you'd like to share? Let us know below.