Permission to Pause

Pausing has been the most clarifying period in my life, but embracing the pause was not easy.  

Since early childhood I have sped through life. I was never the over-the-top type A who had to have my schedule completely packed, but by age 24 I had a long list of accomplishments including being a licensed naturopathic doctor. 

In today’s culture we favor being busy. While meeting friends for lunch we may find ourselves talking about our busy schedules while simultaneously checking email, replying to texts, and checking instagram. Because of these societal norms, having nothing to do can be quite uncomfortable. This is where it takes courage to slow down, and it can take some hard lessons to get there. 

The same year that I became a doctor, I became a mother. I had ideas about what my work/home life balance would look like, and how I wanted to raise my son while still having a productive career. But like most things in motherhood, my son had other plans. He required me to be fully present at all times; the perfect reinforcement to being in the now, and nothing less. Yet, there weren’t enough hours in the day to be a fully present mother, a fully present partner, and a fully present doctor. Where one area gained, the other lacked. I wrote about the importance of having a full cup, and holding myself accountable to these ideas helped, but I wasn’t fully in the place I wanted to be. I had to make a tough decision: to pause.

Pausing looks different for everyone. For some, pauses need only be a few minutes while for others it can last a year or more. Pauses can be a time to do absolutely nothing at all, or you can pick and choose specific things to take a pause from. The most important thing is that you commit. 

Pausing brought me incredible clarity. I was able to tap into my true self, create my own definition of success, and make better decisions for myself, my business, and my family. One of the many benefits of pausing was the power of manifestation. I was able to set intentions and then patiently wait for them to fully unfold instead of getting frustrated with the process and jumping at the first opportunity. 

Finding the resources to pause can be daunting and the fear that surrounds the idea of slowing down is very real. This makes it especially important to feel supported mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually during a time of pause. Individualized treatment plans are designed to mold to your needs and ensure a productive pause which is why it is important to work closely with your doctor. The key to my successful pause was excellent nutrition and a properly prescribed homeopathic remedy. I was not always able to control the stressors life threw at me, but having my foundations of health in order made me much more resilient. 

For now I am still exploring the infinite wisdom and lessons that come with a deep pause. The benefits are astounding. However, just like the moon I am entering a new phase, one where I am renewed and able to properly integrate new work into my life. For those in need of guidance during the exciting, personal, and delicate process of pausing, I look forward to connecting over a session.