Home Remedies Series

Although it is important to develop a trusting relationship with your doctor, many ailments can be treated safely and effectively at home. However, it is very important that the source you are using to treat yourself is up to par. Additionally, treatments should be individualized to address the needs of a particular person. The suggestions in the Home Remedies series are not intended as a one-size-fits-all prescriptions, but as general guidelines to approaching an acute illness or accident. Please incorporate the suggestions in concert with your own intuition and, when necessary, with the guidance of a physician (most of this series will include information on “when to consult a physician”).

The body is wise in its response to changes in the internal and external environment. Symptoms we may regard as nuisances may be the body’s way of trying to restore balance in a system that is off kilter. The home remedies mentioned in this series are meant to stimulate the body’s ability to restore balance, rather than eradicate symptoms. 

Additionally, the best home care is preventative care. Investing in good food, in time for exercise and relaxation, and in loving communication with friends and family will repay you many times over. The suggestions that are to follow are meant to support you when, despite your best efforts, you are unable to maintain health. Ideally, these treatments will help speed the healing process and quicken the return from inflammation to optimal health. The aim is to support you, not suppress, the body’s attempts to heal. 

I decided to put together the Home Remedies series for both my patients and for the public. Posts in the future will have “Home Remedies" in the title, or you can search via categories, here. Enjoy!



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