Spring Nutrition: What your body wants to eat this season

For the best nourishment in Spring, eat the edible weeds growing around your garden, bowls of soup, and plenty of foods teeming with beneficial bacteria. Need details? Read on and make sure to grab our downloadable guide below!

Nourishment Practices for Spring

Our nutritional requirements and food desires shift beautifully season to season. When we honor and reflect the real time of nature, especially through our diet, vitality and wellbeing often flow effortlessly. To ensure good health this season, make sure to follow the following nourishment practices:


Winter was all about warm and rich foods, and with the onset of Spring we may want to ditch our bowls of stew. But wait! The transition between seasons is when we are most susceptible to illness, and the wet and sometimes chilly Spring days still need to be met with internal warmth. Opt for lighter soups that are still nutrient dense and satisfying. This is almost a must when embarking on a spring cleanse, as warm and slow cooked meals are the easiest on our digestion.


Springtime is a wonderful time to cleanse, but what we don’t want to do is overtax our organs (mainly the kidney’s and liver) in the process. One of the best ways to support the liver is at every meal—make sure you are eating plenty of bitters (bitter greens are best, or at least taking an herbal bitters blend). This tells your liver to perk up and dump any unwanted toxins, and as you digest your food and empty the bowels, all the liver toxins will make their grand exit as well. Thank you bitters!


Although we may be getting plenty of rain this season, the transition between Winter and Spring is a dry one for us internally. Start incorporating juicy foods into the diet (read: melon, radishes, etc) to hydrate from the inside out.


Ahhh, my absolute favorite part of Spring—the weeds! Scan your garden for popular Springtime weeds such as Chickweed, Nettle, Cleavers, Miner’s Lettuce and more. If you have a garden free of pesticides or other contaminants, go ahead and pick them and put them in your salads, soups, sandwiches, or just eat them straight. These nutrient dense weeds are the original superfood, and they are right outside your doorstep!

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