Herbal Body Oiling 101


As you might know, self-care has been a very prominent trend in the health and wellness world recently (and we can’t say that we hate it!). But, did you know that you are probably missing one of the easiest and most effective daily self-care practices out there? Herbal body oiling is a practice that is sensual, healing, and easy for all to ritualize as part of our self-care routine.

Herbal oils hold strong medicinal properties that absorb into the body quickly and effectively as a topical skin regimen. Integrating plant medicine into your daily life can not only be calming for the mind and soul - think better sleep, less anxiety, increased energy and feeling more centered - but has significant positive benefits to the physical body. Herbal body oiling hydrates our largest organ, the skin, which improves the lymphatic system, therefore improving the immune system and ability to fight infections and allergies. The act of massage moves lymphatic fluid throughout the body, improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles and  improving joint stiffness. Herbal body oiling can also deeply relax the nervous system through touch and self-massage, as well as mindful breathing.

Interested in exploring the benefits of this ancient practice?

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The importance to slow down and reset in today’s society has gotten to be a necessity in so many people’s lives. Herbal body oiling is a beautiful and sacred way to honor your body and your mind, solo or with a partner. If you are in need of a full body reset (honestly, who isn’t?!) and want to gain self-awareness of your body, here are some steps on how to practice this grounding ritual.


  • Setting up your space: Set out a towel (to avoid any oily messes) and your herb-infused oil in a place that you are comfortable.

  • Oiling: Slowly start massaging the oil into all areas of your body, lingering where necessary. This can be pre or post bathing - an extra benefit from the steam of hot water can help your pores open and absorb the herbal oils more thoroughly.

  • Slow breathing: Be mindful of your breath and really feel the sensation of your touch on the body.

  • Alternative practices: You can incorporate herbal oils first thing when you wake up, before you go to bed, by adding a generous dash to a hot bath, or by oiling your body before or after bathing. The possibilities are endless!

  • Pro Tip: Use a dry skin brush to exfoliate and stimulate skin before oiling for an enhanced effect.

Being present and mindful with your body can improve your self-love, self-worth and relationship with touch, deepening sensuality and self-pleasure, while breaking down barriers like self-consciousness and fear. Herbal body oiling is a simple, effective practice that should be the cornerstone of your self-care practice, bringing sensation and relaxation back to the body with herbal-infused oils.