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A shift occurs, though it's one we've been anticipating for weeks.

The sun hovers just a bit longer on the horizon each morning as our bodies beg to linger just a tad bit longer beneath the blankets. In the evening a cool breeze rolls in, washing away the summery heat that still radiates during the day. Late at night, we begin to take in the undeniable scent of fall—of leaves and damp earth and the chilly, brisk mornings to come. Over the next 12 weeks, let’s explore the depth of what most cultures recognize as the beginning of a new year…

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Ceremony + Celebration

Seasonal Nourishment

The Medicine Cabinet

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available now!

Coming October 30th!

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Tips for getting the most out of your membership

Each season we pack our membership platform to the brim with content. To tame feelings of overwhelm and ensure you don’t miss a thing, we suggest digesting all the content in the following manner:

  1. Make sure you open your weekly member email to see what’s going on in the membership that week! We also drop some additional content in these emails as well. This is will be a life saver—don’t delete them without reading through first!

  2. Don’t try to go through all of the material at once. Although things can seem simple and easy to zip through, I promise if you take things slow you will be able to go much deeper with the practices and material shared and experience more profound results.

  3. Try to dedicate one day a week to exploring a different section of the membership. Make a standing self-care date to relax and enjoy your membership and all it contains.

  4. Make sure you submit a question for What’s Up, Doc? This is your shot to ask Dr. Ehrler anything wellness related and have a chance to have it answered! Take advantage of this!

  5. If you feel like you want to go deeper, consider reaching out to Dr. Ehrler for a private one-on-one session. You can book a free consult here.

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