DIY Oxymel Tutorial


Oxymel's are one of the easiest and most delicious herbal preparations to make

This ancient tradition combines three simple ingredients: vinegar, herbs, and honey. Aside from the herbs you carefully select to use, additional medicinal benefits are offered from the apple cider vinegar and raw honey, making this quite a powerful remedy. This is why Oxymel formulas have continued to be passed down for centuries (they date back to the 15th century, at least). Often considered a specific remedy for lung issues, colds, and sore throats, Oxymels can treat a wide range of issues and are also good for overall health maintenance (and stimulating digestive fire and warming the body)! They can be enjoyed by anyone 1 year in age and up, making this a favorite remedy for both the young, old, and in between. 

This season I harvested Blue Spruce + Rosehips from a friend’s organic farm in Montana. I knew right away that these two botanicals would make an incredibly delicious and equally powerful medicine, and they’e been flying off the shelves of the shop (get your’s here before they’re gone!). I recorded a quick little video (see above) to show how dang easy it is to make an Oxymel, and the best part is you barely have to measure anything with precision (unless you are selling it!). Watch the video above, and then give the directions below a read. I hope you enjoy!

Mandala-Line-33 copy.png
Mandala-Line-33 copy.png
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  1. Although it’s best to use a recipe, this preparation is something you easily can just eye-ball once you get the hang of it. Pack your mason jar roughly 3/4 full with herbs, and then fill a third to half way with honey, and then top with Apple Cider Vinegar!

  2. Never ever make an Oxymel in plastic, and ALWAYS line with parchment or wax paper if you are using a metal lid.

  3. Shake your preparation often (once a day is perfect) for best results!


Herbs for Oxymels:

Not all herbs are suitable for Oxymel preparations, so stick to experimenting with the following botanicals:




Rose Hip

Pine needle


Sage Oxymel (1).jpg