Flower Essences 101: Crafting + Blending

You are about to begin a sacred journey of self-discovery—one that opens you to personal growth and emotional healing. I’ll be sharing concise information on the history of flower essences and how to start working with flower essences in the wild, all gleaned from my personal and professional experience, to give you a deeper and richer understanding of the practice of responsibly crafting and blending flower essences.


A bit of the backstory

The Bach Flower Essences were developed in England in the late 1920s by the renounced British researcher and physician Dr. Edward Bach. They are the first in what is now considered vibrational medicine. It was Dr. Bach’s belief that a negative state of mind was at the core of any illness. It was not enough for him to treat the symptoms of the physical body alone. Body, mind, and spirit all needed to be considered in regard to healing. It became his dream to develop an entirely new system of medicine based upon his insight. Bach gave up his medical practice to move to the countryside, where he intuitively knew that there, among the flowers and the trees, he would find the healing properties he was seeking.

One morning, while walking through a meadow, his highly developed sense of intuition made him realize that the dew on the plants, heated and charged by the sun, now held the healing properties of the flowers it laid upon. As he continued his work, his intuition became so sensitive that by simply holding a flower or tasting the petal he would sense what the healing effects were. In this way, one by one, Bach developed the 38 basic flower essences that we use today.

In present times…

Typically with folks interested in working with flower essences I tell them to come in for a private consultation. However, the purpose of this masterclass is to give you the basic tools to begin crafting essences of your own and intuitively transmitting the healing effects you notice. This is an advanced class serving the advanced members of The Land + Spirit Project. If you have questions about flower essences, please feel free to reach out using the What’s Up Doc feature. For more information on the established 38 flower essences, the two books I highly recommend are The Bach Flower Remedies by Bach, and Wheeler, as well as The Encyclopedia of Bach Flower Therapy by Mechthild Scheffer.

Mandala-Line-33 copy.png
Mandala-Line-33 copy.png

Which flower do I work with?

Summer is a fantastic time of year to begin developing a relationship with the plants in the natural world around you. If you have the luxury of growing your own garden, or perhaps a friends, see if there are any flowers growing that stand out to you or pique your interest. Once you have your flower in mind, make sure you have positively identified it. See if there is any literature available on the mental/emotional aspects of the flower you have chosen. Note: with flower essences, you want to use the FLOWER of the plant, not the leaves, stems, roots, etc. If the plant you choose does not have a flower, please hold off and a select another for now.

Crafting your essence


A small crystal bowl (enough to hold about 2-3 cups of water

Spring water, or the best water you have access to (try to avoid distilled or tap water at all costs)



Flower of choice

Wake up early in the morning and head out with your supplies before the sun is too strong. Using scissors, gently cut one flower from the botanical of your choosing directly into the crystal bowl without touching it (again, do not touch the flower, just cut directly from the plant into the bowl). Fill the bowl with spring water, and allow to charge in the direct sun for the entire day (or at least 4 hours). Once your essence has been in the sun long enough, strain out the flower and add about 2-3tbs of brandy to your leftover water. This is your “stock bottle”.

Mandala-Line-33 copy.png
Mandala-Line-33 copy.png

Tracking effects and progress

Dedicate a journal to your flower essence practice. For a minimum of 10-14 days, record a few sentences in the morning and in the evening on how you are feeling mentally, emotionally, and physically. What is coming up for you? What are you thinking about? What is working? What is not working? What are you finding soothing? What are you finding triggering? Allow yourself to fully tap in. The more you take this and your time seriously, the better the results will be. After 10 days, go through your notes with a highlighter and mark emotions and experiences that truly stood out. Are there any links or similarities? What useful information have you gathered? What do you believe this essence could be used for? As a bonus, give a bottle to a friend or family member and have them embark on the journey as well. What did they find? Similarities? Write them down! Hone your practice! Be your own healer!