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By May we are well into spring, but if you are anything like me the unfurling out of winter’s grip was long and challenging. I kept thinking I was ready to blossom into spring only to find I hadn’t even yet broken the soil. This month, I’m sharing the top practice that helped me move into the upward, expansive, and creative energy of spring: rejuvenation

Now, what I mean by rejuvenation is getting the energy in the mind, body, and spirit flowing again. Many of us engage in an annual spring cleaning of our external environment, and while that is stellar, our bodies need support doing the very same thing within our internal environment, both physically and emotionally. Some may call this detoxification, but really the focus should be on bringing in the good which inevitably crowds out the bad (see the downloadable guide below for details). 

To harmonize our physical body with the energy of spring, we look to the organ systems that support our pathways of regeneration, mainly our liver. According to some traditions, the liver houses the essence of our spirit that is immortal and transitions from one lifetime to the next, containing the essence of rebirth, rejuvenation, and our personal dharma. So, how does the health of our liver weave into the total health of our being? Press play below to find out.


So now that we understand the liver’s important role in our physical and emotional health, where do we go from there? Depending on what your idea of wellness is and what your current state of wellness looks like, the paths will be very different from person to person. But, there are many simple practices for supporting the rejuvenating pathways of the body that can benefit everyone and are are easy to accomplish at home. After years of testing methods in both my clinical and personal practice, I have narrowed down the top tools and protocols for spring detoxification that are wonderfully laid out the downloadable guide below.

Seasonal Support: A few more tips

Spring cleaning, spring cleansing… there’s a lot of emphasis of getting rid of the junk this season. I’m a huge fan. But what I’m not a fan of is folks having the wrong idea, or wrong agreement with their mind and body on what exactly they are trying to get rid of.

Without naming names, there are A LOT of different theories about how and when to cleanse. Some are incredibly restrictive, some are incredibly lax. Depending where you are in your journey you may find yourself somewhere along that spectrum. But more than anything, your guiding light to cleansing should be meeting yourself where you’re at. If you spent the entire Winter eating poorly, a 3-day juice fast isn’t going to radically transform you into a glowing string bean.

So, what’s the best way to cleanse this Spring?

Start by focusing on and clearing up your hardest working organ systems. This is a personal question, as everyone is different. Does your skin struggle immensely? How about your digestion—is it a wreck? Nervous system totally fried? Pick one body system and dedicate the season to honoring and tending it with great care.

And as always, drink plenty of water.


Introducing: What’s up, Doc?

One of the most exciting features of monthly medicine going forward will be “What’s up, Doc?”—an opportunity for you to submit whatever health questions are on your mind, and have them answered. Wondering what the most bioavailable form of vitamin D is? Ask! Curious what practices would support better sleep? Ask! One question will be chosen per month and discussed in detail here, allowing our entire community to benefit. Submit your questions using the form below!

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What to expect next Month: Preparing the body for summer

Early summer is a time of shifting temperatures in both our internal and external worlds. Things start to heat up, and many of our systems that were in place during spring will not be enough to keep us healthy and thriving through the summer months. In June, we will be talking all about keeping the mind, body, and spirit cool for what is projected to be one of the hottest summers to date.

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