Seasonal Care Package : Autumn


When I formulated and crafted this seasonal care package for Autumn my guiding light was the unparalleled sense of well-being that follows when we fall into resonance with nature in real time. This meant calling on the plants that are turning deep beneath the soil to gather nourishment and rest during cooler months, just as we should too.

Aside from using the tools in this care package, take extra time to support yourself during this time of revelation and transition. Put fresh linens on the bed and take a nap or read a novel. Dress for the weather and head out to inhale the crisp air. Drink warm and nourishing soups and teas. Do less. 

I hope you throughly enjoy using the medicines in this box alongside myself and the other members of our Land + Spirit Project community. When you are ready to stock up again, please enjoy 15% off all seasonal products in the shop using the unique code: HERITAGE0911

NOTE: All seasonal care packages ship out on October 1st!

Mandala-Line-33 copy.png
Mandala-Line-33 copy.png

Blue Spruce + Rosehip Oxymel

This delicious elixir made from botanicals harvested under the big sky of Montana features high amounts of Vitamin C, probiotics, enzymes, + minerals needed to support a healthy immune system all year long. Oxymels are talked about a ton in this membership (see Seasonal Apothecary + Bonus Tutorials) and are a time tested favorite. This medicine is best used within 6 months, and can be stored in the pantry or in the fridge.

Suggested dosages:

Kids 12 mo. and up: 1 teaspoon mixed in water or tea

Adults: 1 tablespoon taken straight (my favorite way!) or mixed in water or tea


Liminal Grounding Serum

As the liminal space between seasons suspends the Earth in balance, you have a unique opportunity to turn inward + pause before dropping into all of the possibilities the next season holds. With the help of the sweet medicine found in this serum, you can be present + grounded in your body as you gracefully step forward into the next chapter.

Suggested Use: I talk a lot about herbal body oils and how they are my everyday go-to medicine to keep my spirit in my body and feeling good. A few of my favorite ways to work with herbal oils are:

1. To add a generous dash to a hot bath and take a long soak

2. Oil my body from head to toe before bed

3. Anoint specific parts of my body during the day for a tune up or boost (wrists, chest, neck, etc)


Turmeric + Ginger Body Scrub

Arguably the most exciting product in this care package, the Turmeric + Ginger body scrub is extremely limited and won’t be around long.

Tired + dull skin becomes refreshed + invigorated with this antioxidant rich body scrub. Turmeric + Ginger work to bring exceptional circulation to the skin leaving a luminous after-glow while Honey + Olive Oil soften, soothe, + moisturize.

For external use only. Rinse well to avoid staining.

Suggested Use: Mid-bathing, take a large scoop in the palm of your hand + work in a circular motion starting from your feet all the way up to your chest. Repeat. Enjoy.


Botanical Immunity Serum

Roller balls of immunity serum. How much easier can staying healthy get?

Made with Clove, Lemon, Eucalyptus, Lavender, and a whole lotta love, these little guys pack a powerful punch for fighting colds and flus. Roll onto wrists, the chest, the palm of your hands, or wherever you need a little boost to neutralize germs and keep the immune system strong. For external use only.