Seasonal Apothecary

the COLD AND DARK DAYS OF WINTER INVITE AN UNWELCOME AND INEVITABLE CHILL TO OUR BODIES. The following botanicals + remedies can be used freely during this CHALLENGING SEASON to Cultivate a constitutional hardiness and vitality DESPERATELY needed for these times.


Medicine Making for Winter

Winter—a time where chilly bones, dry skin, and runny noses beckon. Practicing the content provided to you in the Spirit House and the rest of the seasonal content should have you covered, but we all enjoy extra support, no? Dive in and enjoy the essentials of Winter’s seasonal apothecary.

Herbal Vapor Rub

Vapor rubs are a winter-time classic, but the petroleum-based ingredients in most over the counter rubs are counterproductive to health and healing (unless you are a car engine!). This simple and effective vapor rub recipe is safe for anyone ages 2+ years and up (see notes if you have kiddos who are under 2 years) and blows the blue-bottled junk at the pharmacy out of the water!


All natural vapor rub

Vapor Rub Recipe.png

Warming Medicinal Bath

There are few things more soothing to chilled bones than a hot bath. Combine that hot bath water with a curated selection of botanicals to boost immunity, warm the body, and relax the mind and you’ve got yourself a quick and easy remedy for beating Winter’s woe. This recipe makes enough for one bath, so to make in bulk simply triple the ingredients.


Warming medicinal bath

Warming Medicinal Bath.png

Remedies to have on hand in Winter

Aside from what came in your seasonal care package, having these items on hand is a wise choice for the next 12 weeks…

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 9.47.02 PM.png

A lesser know hero in the world of immune support, Zinc is a micronutrient that is essential for maintaining a healthy body, particularly the immune system. Study after study has proven Zinc’s ability prevent against colds and flus, as well as to shorten the duration of your cold and the severity of your symptoms if you do end up getting sick. My favorite way to incorporate Zinc is with lozenges. At the first sign of illness (or if you are around people who are sick) these suckers can really lend a helping hand.

How to use it: Zinc can be toxic if taken in too high of a dose, so make sure to read the dosage instruction on whatever Zinc lozenges you purchase. If using as preventative medicine, take the smallest recommended dose, and if sick take the highest recommended dose.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 10.11.50 PM.png

Herbal oils hold strong medicinal properties that absorb into the body quickly and effectively as a topical skin regimen. Body oiling hydrates our largest organ, the skin, which improves the lymphatic system, therefore improving the immune system and ability to fight infections and allergies. The act of massage moves lymphatic fluid throughout the body, improving blood circulation, relaxing muscles and  improving joint stiffness. Herbal body oiling can also deeply relax the nervous system through touch and self-massage, as well as mindful breathing. The result? A perfect remedy for a cold winter’s night.

How to use it: See detailed instructions here. Want a pro-tip? Heat your oil for a warm body oil massage—you won’t regret it! Looking for a high quality warming oil to use? Snag this one.