Our Values

01. Motherhood Medicine products are created using organic botanicals grown from seed in our family-run garden in San Diego, CA, or are sourced from small organic farmers and wildcrafters.

02. Our products are handmade in small batches + are purposefully potent to ensure medical-grade strength.

03. Our commitment to sustainability + responsible business practices is unwavering. We use the least amount of packaging possible, + all items are glass only.

04. All of our products are professionally formulated by Dr. Marlene Ehrler, ND who has been studying botanical medicine for over 10 years.

05. We follow cosmic rhythms: Our botanicals infuse for two lunar cycles! They bathe under two Full Moons, then are pulled + bottled the very next day. 

06. All herbal oils are cold-infusions, meaning they are never ever heated. Our products are never damaged by the Sun or direct heat, which means all medicinal properties are completely unadulterated.