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What is holistic healing? An interview with Dr. Ehrler. Read it here.

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Dr. Ehrler shares how living in communication with nature is key, and gives insight into the creation of The Land + Spirit Project. Listen to it here.

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Dr. Ehrler shares her experience of the traumatic birth of her son, and medicine for any women who has experienced a traumatic birth. Listen to it here. 

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Meet Dr. Ehrler of Motherhood Medicine in North Park, San Diego. Read it here. 

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Igniting sensuality & embracing sexuality in motherhood: an oh baby interview. Read it here. 


Dr. Ehrler's Rx for Motherhood. List to it here.


Morning edition supporting Hatched Collective and successful female entrepreneurs in San Diego. Watch it here.


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Breaking the Stigma Around Sexuality + Motherhood. Read it here. 

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Nurtured Motherhood Series where Dr. Ehrler discusses balancing her successful practice with being a fully present mother. Read it here. 

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