Moon Mapping + Seed Cycling for Self Inquiry + Hormonal Balance

Moon Mapping + Seed Cycling for Self Inquiry + Hormonal Balance


In this second edition eBook, you will learn how to balance your female hormones naturally using the power of the moon. After practicing the tools discussed in this book, you will begin to see patterns that perhaps you were never aware of—mental, physical, emotional, sexual, intuitive, and more—informing you of how to attune to your fertility, balance your hormones, and anchor yourself in the rhythm of your feminine power. As an added bonus, you will learn how to incorporate seed cycling as a gentle way to help your body balance your hormones naturally. This simple nutritional practice encourages your cycle to follow it’s natural rhythm and eliminates common ailments such as acne, irregular periods, PMS, fatigue, bloating, perimenopause, breast tenderness, and more. Written to be enjoyed by women of any age and any phase of their reproductive journey, Moon Mapping + Seed Cycling is the key to experiencing more dynamic and balanced feminine energy. 

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"I just purchased your eBook and loved it. Thank you. I personally do a lot of practice around intentions with the lunar cycle and had no idea the moon could and should impact/balance my hormones!"


"Bravo! This was incredibly informative, inspiring, and easy to read. I am greatly looking forward to balancing my hormones naturally without having to take another supplement or cream. Thank you!"


"...I have been craving more connection with nature as well as connecting with myself, and this book was literally perfect. I am so grateful for this guide for bringing myself into alignment"